Between My Mind And The World

by Vices

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Isaac Esposito
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Isaac Esposito the best melodic hardcore album ever.. Favorite track: An Apology.
Lars Christian
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Lars Christian Vices is of course one of my favorite Bands, first because I like their punk Hardcore and secondly because their lyrics are so straight and honest. They don't use too many images to say what they mean and You can't find empty phrases. Favorite track: Perspectives.
Matthew Dixie
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Matthew Dixie Real earbleeding and melodic in the same hit Favorite track: Perspectives.
Caleb thumbnail
Caleb It's heavy, passionate, and beautiful. The lyrics show transparency. I love it. Favorite track: Destinations.
hugh clark
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hugh clark I am your spark!! u are the trees! Favorite track: Spark.
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released April 3, 2013



all rights reserved


Vices Sydney, Australia

We are Vices from sydney australia.

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Track Name: Vices Go!
Vices Go!
Track Name: Perspectives
I don't see things The way that you all do. There's no shades of grey No blurring of lines.
Theres right and there's wrong, And I've got no time For the in between.
This doesn't mean that I am perfect, I just have know excuses When I screw up... And I always do.
I envy you. It must be so easy Without this conscience, A curse of clarity.
Sometimes I wish I live a blur, It seems so much easier When you convince yourself
That everything's fine So you can get some sleep tonight.
Track Name: Home
For eight long years I've called these walls my home My sanctuary A place for me to scream When times got hard.
I had all of you To lift me up To keep the PMA! I'll never forget that, I'll never forget you.
To all the friends along the way Who brightened every day, This ones for you, You pulled me through.
But somewhere in the last few years, Hardened hearts have tried To tear it all apart. So now I'm calling you out. I won't stand for this. This is war This is worth fighting for. We've got to learn To lean on each other For any hope Of a future. I need this place As much as you all do, And I wont sit by and watch it burn.
To all the friends along the way Who brightened every day, This ones for you, You pulled me through.
Track Name: Destinations
It all makes sense to me. It's that simple, But every time I try to explain my self You just throw it away.
I'm speaking to myself again... And it all makes perfect sense... Perfect sense.
My words never seem To reach their destination. Caught somewhere between My mind and the world.
I've always been Just trying to be heard, But the words come easier To some more than others. and i’ve always been one of the others. It all makes sense to me. It's that simple, please tell me you understand. ‘Cause i need to be heard, ‘cause inside my mind, things could be different. i see a way but it’s trapped inside my head.
Track Name: Legacy
Even the blind can see That everything around us Is a sinking ship. But there is still time To make things right, To break the cycle of destruction. There is still time, to make things right.
But I need you, Cause I cant do this on my own. I believe in us, There's strength in unity.
Our legacy As a generation, Will be faith that Can move the mountains. Our light will shine Through the darkest of night, We will brighten the path For those who've lost their way. We will never stop fighting, Until you find your way home.
Track Name: Part 1.
You’re supposed To brighten up my world... Be my grip On reality. An anchor of love Through the storms of life.
But how am I supposed to trust you? When all you do Is make me hate myself... Hate everything I am.
How long should i hold on? When is enough enough? I can’t hold the weight of two... I should be able to lean on you.
and On the road it feels like home, But everytime I come back It couldn't be less inviting.
My dreams are not of you, They're of anywhere but here. Places I'm appreciated Exactly as I am.
I'm not the man of anyone's dreams, There's no romance in these bones.But you always knew that. Now suddenly I don't measure up.
Track Name: An Apology
This is my apology, For the times I've let you all down. I'm just trying To walk the straight line, Despite my humanity.And I swear to you That with every day That goes by I will keep trying... We will keep trying!
To make good On all These empty promises. What I'm trying to say Is that I love you, And I'm so sorry For falling short again.
I'm sorry For everytime I've Fallen short. I know I'm far from perfect, But this life I've chosen
Was never meant to be easy, Let alone with everyone watching... Waiting for me to fall... So you can kick me when I'm down
So go right ahead I'm getting used to it. What I'm trying to say Is that I love you, And I'm so sorry For falling short again.
Track Name: Part 2.
Everyday I wake up, And I thank God You’re right here next to me, To face another day, It's you and me Up against this world. This time there's no turning back.
Looking back on everything, It's grace that got us here. Now that everything makes sense, I'm never letting go.
In our failures... We found home! As long as It's still beating, My heart is yours. We've come so far From the mess we made.
Looking back on everything, It's grace that got us here. Now that everything makes sense, I'm never letting go..
Track Name: Devine
You say my God is a fake. At least I stand for something What do you even believe? That everything around us Is just an accident... I'm no accident.
I'm not forcing my faith on you, I'm just trying to live my life. You’re so focused on tearing down Everything that I believe.
Up there on your soap box Preaching your non belief. You’re the hypocrite You've become everything you hate.
Shoving your godlessness Down my throat. I'm nothing like you. I'll never be like you.
Who are you to say... What I can and can't believe? Who are you to say! What I can and can't believe?
I'm not brainwashed, I've just looked outside my window, Refusing to accept That everything i see,
And everything I feel Is anything but The hand of the divine. anything but the hand of the devine.
Track Name: Spark
When the smoke clears I'll still be here, White knuckling till the end. I won't back down, My flag in the dirt Standing firm.
The beauty of life Is in the struggles. Pushing forward Let's me know I'm alive. That I'm still breathing... I live for the fight.
I want to be here In the deep end, Knowing if I stop kicking I'll drown.
I came into this world Kicking and screaming, And that's exactly how I plan on going out.
I can feel it burning inside me, A pounding in my chest. It's always been there... Forcing One foot in front of the other.
I am the small spark That Burnt your forrest to the ground. We are the spark! That burnt it down.
I am the small spark That brought your Forrest to its knees. I am the spark... And you’re the trees.
Track Name: Lines
I drew a line in the sand, I don't know if it will hold. Oh Lord, get me through today... Without the world caving in on me.
Everywhere I turn Is an uphill fight. If I die tonight... Lord carry my soul home.
I'm so scared, But I will follow ruthlessly. Come what may... I will still sing today.
My soul sings... My soul sings... My soul sings...
My soul screams! Hallelujah! My soul screams! Hallelujah!
My soul screams! I surrender. My soul screams! I surrender. I surrender...